Human Resources

Complire will act as your outsourced Human Resources department and will ensure, in real time, all your employment procedures are in place, compliant and updated. Complire will review your existing procedures and policies and recommend a specific plan of action to ensure you comply with the latest employment law regulation. If yours is a new business we will develop specific polices and procedures for you ensuring compliance.

A few statistics…

  • For UK unfair dismissal claims the maximum compensatory award is £66,200
  • The maximum statutory redundancy payment and basic award for unfair dismissal is £10, 500.
  • Employment tribunals have received 155,000 unfair dismissal cases in 2009 and the numbers of claims are rising at an alarming rate during the current economic climate.

Our HR Services

  • Preparing and reviewing employee handbooks, personnel policies and procedures.
  • Preparing contacts of employment.
  • Advising businesses on dismissal and redundancy.
  • Advising on temporary, casual and part-time workers.
  • Preparing fixed term contracts.
  • Defending employers in discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination and other employment litigation matters.
  • Advising on discrimination matters including: age, disability, sex discrimination, race, religion and sexual orientation.
  • Representing businesses at industrial tribunals.
  • Advising on avoiding tribunals.
  • Advising on Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide.
  • Employee Rights.
  • Equal Pay.
  • Advising on: maternity, paternity issues, disciplinary procedures (including racial, sexual and age-related issues), redundancy, sickness, absenteeism, transfer of undertakings, performance management, equal pay, employee rights, retirement and changes in employment law.
  • How to handle disciplinary/grievance issues (including the investigative requirements and conducting the disciplinary hearing).
  • Performance Management.
  • Absence Management (including the new Statement of Fitness notes).
  • The Recruitment Process.
  • Maternity and Paternity Rights
  • Open Training (a half day spent answering questions from the group and providing on the spot solutions)
  • Updates in Employment Legislation (annual occurrence)
  • Bespoke subjects required by the client


As soon as you become a client of Complire, you are entitled to unlimited advice and support on all Human Resource issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

If you would like more information about any of our services please contact us today.

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