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Common sense, common safety at a fixed cost

Unlike most consultancies that offer the same services, all Complire’s consultants have joined the Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register (OSHCR) and are bound by their professional body/ bodies’ code of conduct and are committed to providing sensible and proportionate advice. Should you require the support of Complire to you comply with your Health & Safety obligations, the OSHCR provides reassurance.

Every customer’s requirement will be different, but the way we implement a Health and Safety Management System, review and monitor the system is consistent through out the time we work along side you.

The Process

  1. Firstly we will appoint an OSHCR registered health & safety advisor to your business that has the relevant practical experience within your business sector.
  2. After a thorough and comprehensive review of policies and procedures and a inspection of your premises to identify and categorise observed hazards, we will then discuss the proposed changes with your senior management on site and develop a bespoke health & safety management system, tailored to your business, making you aware of your companies responsibilities and of all current and forthcoming health & safety legislation applicable to your company.
  3. We will then help implement the control measures that protect your workplace, your business and your people by consultation and training.
  4. You will deal with the same advisor throughout the life of the contract from start to finish, as this ensures the consultant understands and grows with your company and offers a more personnel and bespoke service.

The Health & Safety Management System

Your company needs to manage health & safety with the same degree of expertise and to the same standards as other core business activities, if you are to effectively control risks and prevent harm to people. After completion of the initial visit the Complire Health and Safety Assessor will create a tailored Health and Safety Management System for your company, which will include:

This Health and Safety Policy Manual will include (but not limited to):

  • A Company Health and Safety Policy.
  • A Company Health and Safety Policy Statement.
  • Organisational roles and responsibilities Planning.
  • Measuring performance.
  • Auditing and reviewing performance.
  • Co-operation and communication.
  • Training.
  • Risk control – safe systems of work and risk assessments (specific to your companies’ business not general assessments like many others).
  • Control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH)

Over a period, this living document will grow to guide all employees to adopt the correct Health and Safety behavior and awareness concerning all tasks in the workplace.

Your appointed Complire Health & Safety Assessor will keep you informed of all changes in Health and Safety legislation that will affect your business.

Your appointed Complire Health & Safety Assessor will make you aware of all legal issues that might have an impact on your business.

Your appointed Complire Health & Safety Assessor will inform you of all documentation that will need updating under changes in legislation and carry out those changes for you and will update your health & safety management system accordingly.

Your appointed Complire Health & Safety Assessor will visit your premises to complete a Health and Safety inspection and Audit. The frequency of these visits will be dictated by the nature of your business and will form part of your health and safety management system.

This will include (but not limited to):

  • A total review of compliance and procedures.
  • Ensuring all documented procedures has been kept up to date.
  • Checking statutory records.
  • An audit of the workplace.
  • The inclusion of any significant changes in your legally require documentation.
  • A complete report of all findings.

In the event of a major incident or accident, a qualified response team headed by your appointment health and safety assessor will visit your premises to implement the incident investigation, including:

  • Creating a detailed incident report.
  • Managing the necessary actions, including authority liaison, in order to ensure that your interests are protected.
  • Providing an expert witness to support any legal requirements or court appearances.
  • Providing legal representation.


As soon as you become a client of Complire, you are entitled to unlimited advice and support on all Health and Safety issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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